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Redefining Static Analysis, A Standards Approach
By Rama S. Moorthy, CEO, and Ioan (Mike) Oara, CTO, Hatha Systems
From BITS Financial Services Roundtable's The Innovator, June 2011, Vol. 4, Issue 2

Business Modeling, Processes, and Rules

Business Process Model and Notation—BPMN
by Mark von Rosing, Stephen White, Fred Cummins, Henk de Man

An Introduction to Decision Modeling with DMN
Decision Management Solutions

Process Driven Modernization in Insurance
by Jason Dokken, Principal Global Architect, Insurance, TIBCO Software Inc.

The BPMN Wish List Revisited
by Antoine Lonjon, Member, OMG Business Modeling & Integration Domain Task Force and Director, Methodology and Standards, MEGA International

"Moving from Zachman Row 2 to Zachman Row 3 ~ Business Rules from an SBVR and an xUML Perspective"
Originally published as: Markus Schacher, "Moving from Zachman Row 2 to Zachman Row 3 ~ Business Rules from an SBVR and an xUML Perspective," Business Rules Journal, Vol. 7, No. 6 (June 2006)

EAML: A MOF-Based, Common Enterprise Architecture Meta-model
by John C. Butler, Ravi Hubbly, Manfred R. Koethe, and Dr. Walcelio L. Melo


What is Access Management? Software Guards for Integrating Applications
by Carol Burt, 2AB, Inc

CORBA Primer Whitepaper
written by Todd Scallan of Segue Software, Inc.

Integrating, Distributing applications via CORBA
For managers, Semaphore compares CORBA 3.0 to other distributed technologies.
written by the Semaphore staff.

IIOP: OMG's Internet Inter-ORB Protocol: A Brief Description
written by Mike Bradley of Object Management Group, May 97


NASA Human Exploration Telerobotics NEW!
by RTI

Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery (MIRS) with the DLR MiroSurge NEW!
by RTI

City of Tokyo Metropolitan Highway Line
by RTI

Interoperable Architecture for Camp Protection System - FICAPS Project
by RTI

What can DDS do for You?
by Twin Oaks Computing, Inc

Open Splice | DDS
by PrismTech

DDS- The Intelligent Systems Backbone event in Berlin
Click here for the latest DDS news and events

What can DDS do for Android?
Twin Oaks Computing

An Introduction to DDS and Data-Centric Communication
by Gerardo Pardo-Casellote, Bert Farabaugh and Rick Warren, Real-time Innovations

Is DDS for You?
by Stan Schneider and Bert Farabaugh, Real-time Innovations



Munich Re and Essence – Kernel and Language for Software Engineering Methods: A Case Study
By Ann McDonough, Marketing Communications Specialist, Object Management Group® (OMG®)


Java, RMI and CORBA
A white paper prepared by David Curtis of the Object Management Group, May 97

Assuring Reliability of Enterprise Java Bean Appliations
written by Todd Scallan of Segue Software, Inc.


MDA Presentations and Papers

Improving Existing Java Code with a UML Modeling Environment

Direct Model Execution; The key to IT Productivity and Improving Business Performance
by E2E

The Fast Guide to Model Driven Architecture
by Frank Truyen, Cephas Consulting Corp.

Why Do We Need Standards for the Modernization of Existing Systems?
written by ADM Domain Task Force

More Whitepapers...


Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture Using the OMG SoaML Standard
Whitepaper by Model Driven Solutions, Inc.

Technology Standards Whitepapers

Standards for Things: OMG Standards in the Age of the Industrial Internet of Things
by Julie Pike, Public Relations Specialist, OMG

Why Should Your Consulting Company Join the OMG?
by Vartan Piroumian, Enterprise Architect



UML Resource Page

Visual Modeling: Past, Present and Future
by Andrew Watson, Object Management Group

UML® vs. DSLs: A False Dichotomy
by Andrew Watson, Object Management Group

Improving Existing Java Code with a UML Modeling Environment

How to Build Articulate Class Models and get Real Benefits from UML 
by Leon Starr, Model Integration, LLC

We Can Generate Systems Today
by Stephen J. Mellor, Freeter

Executable Systems Design with UML 2.0 by Scott Niemann, Telelogic, August 2004
by Scott Niemann

Safety in the Loop: An Overview of Systems Safety Issues throughout the Product Development Lifecycle is published by ARTiSAN Software Tools.
by Francis Thom, ARTiSAN Software Tools

Web Services

Web Services/SOAP and CORBA
written by Irmen de Jong (and others). April 27, 2002

"CORBA and Web Services"
by PJ Murray and Elizabeth Golluscio, Cape Clear Software


CORBA and XML Conflict or Cooperation?
Will XML replace middleware?" This paper explains what applications XML is (and is not) suited for, and in particular why it isn't going to replace middleware solutions like CORBA (or vice versa, for that matter). February 1999.
By Andrew Watson, Vice President of Technology, OMG


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