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bullet Archives of Workshop Proceedings
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bullet Catalog of Adopted Specifications
bullet Public Documents Search
bullet RFP & RFI Processes

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bullet Cloud Standard Customer Council
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bullet CISQ - Consortium for IT Software Quality
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OMG Technologies Directories:
bullet BPM Vendor Directory
bullet CORBA Vendor Directory
bullet DDS Vendor Directory
bullet Modernization Vendor Directory
bullet MDA Vendor Directory
bullet UML Vendor Directory
bullet OMG SysML Directory
bullet BPM, UML & CORBA Training

TC Plenaries and Subgroup Directory:
bullet Agent PSIG
bullet Analysis & Design PTF
bullet Architecture-Driven Modernization PTF
bullet Business Modeling & Integration DTF
bullet C4I DTF
bullet DDS PSIG
bullet Finance DTF
bullet Gov DSIG
bullet Finance DTF
bullet Healthcare DTF
bullet Liaison ABSC
bullet Manufacturing Technology & Industrial Systems DTF
bullet Middleware and Related Services PTF
bullet Ontology PSIG
bullet Object and Reference Model AB Subcommittee
bullet Regulatory Compliance DSIG 
bullet Robotics DTF
bullet Space DTF
bullet Specification Management AB Subcommittee
bullet SWA AB SIG
bullet Systems Engineering DSIG
  See full listing here.
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